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limited edition HAND IN HAND x SISITONIA Check Mug


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Climate neutral shipping in recycled packaging.

At HAND IN HAND we believe in the mission of collaboration, craftsmanship and support. A mission that is coming to life by our products and artisan collaborations. 

Please welcome our HAND IN HAND collab #1 with SISITONIA with ceramics for patient souls – who truly understand the value of a handmade product. 

The Hamburg based artisan is known for her unique mugs and we couldn't be happier to create a checkered mug with her. The HAND IN HAND x SISITONIA Check Mug is exclusively available via our online shop and a limited edition only. Why?

Simply because each mug is truly (!) handmade. Meaning: Each mug is formed, painted and burned out by hand, which is indeed a rarity in the ceramics world. And as the crafting and burning of each mug takes a lot of time, the quantity is limited. 

There are four different colours for you to select from: black, dusty pink, light blue and yellow. Each mug is formed to lie comfortably in the hand. 

Drinking a hot drink from a handmade mug can be an amazing experience – we hope you like it! 

With love,

Christiane from SISITONIA and Cloudy from HAND IN HAND


Produced: Formed, painted and burned out by hand

Dishwasher: We have tested the clean the mugs in dishwashers and everything was fine. However, we do not take any guarantee that this is always the case. So if you want to play it safe, please clean your mug by hand. 

Colour: White with black, dusty pink, light blue or yellow

Sizing: height: 7 to 9 cm, diameter 8 to 10cm. Please note that sizing might vary due to each product being handmade 

Form: Please note that the form of each mug might vary from the pictures due to each product being handmade 

Shipping: Please allow 6 weeks within Europe for the item to arrive at your home. Your item is being delivered in recycled packaging and via climate neutral shipping. We are not responsible for additional custom fees that might occur in your area. For shipping outside of Europe, please contact us via email: info@handinhand.store 

Returns: As this is a customized and handmade item, all sales are final and the item cannot be refunded and returned. 

We really hope you are happy with your order and want you to regard this item as a new roommate of yours that brings joy and comfort to your home. Also, we truly believe we as a society need to rethink our common purchase-and-return behaviour. As this item is only produced on demand and is made by hand (!) by a local artisan especially for you, we hope that you will love it as much as we do. By purchasing this item you are supporting local artisans and help to keep their amazing craftsmanship alive. This is what Hand In Hand is about: Collaboration, craftsmanship, and support. Thank you for supporting our mission.