Hand In Hand Store

HAND IN HAND was founded in 2021 by Cloudy Zakrocki with
her innate mission to change the interior industry to a more sustainable and ethical process and with her deep passion for design and colors. 

HAND IN HAND is your new favourite go-to-interior brand for truly handmade products, traditional craftsmanship and modern design – all produced on demand only.
Each piece is handmade by artisans individually for you
to create your own memories. 

The brand name is a perfect reflection of our mission: 
We are all about collaboration, craftsmanship and support. 
As we only sell products that are made by hand and not by machines, each product goes through several hands before
we hand the product off to you.

In our fast-paced world we tend to take things for granted and never think about where something is actually coming from. This is why we want to spread awareness to the fact that products don’t just appear magically but that actual people are responsible for crafting those items – and this is what we are showing with each product and by our brand name itself.

HAND IN HAND is based in Berlin, the artisans we are collaborating with are located all over the world though.
We are dedicated to finding the best artisans for each product and to supporting local artisans in areas where this craft is a tradition. All products are designed by HAND IN HAND founder Cloudy Zakrocki in agreement with the artisans who are experts in the field of producing this exact product and who craft the item after your order. 

We want to provide the best products in an ethical and sustainable way that is mindful of our planet and human labor. With our concept of on demand production we avoid overproduction and therefore unnecessary littering as well as exploitation of the artisans who craft the products, as we pay our artisans fairly and worship their traditional techniques deeply. 

We are dedicated to providing the best product at the best price for your – all whilst staying true to our mission to pay the artisans fairly, use sustainable materials and produce under environmentally friendly conditions. Although big machine-only production centers and fast-product brands want to make you believe otherwise, a high quality product has its price.
A machine-made product will always be cheaper, but we all know products like these are replaceable, they are of lesser quality, bad for the environment and don’t support traditional craftsmanship. So basically, machine-made products neglect everything HAND IN HAND as a brand is about.

We want to educate our customers to realise that products are more than simply things you buy, place somewhere and then forget about. Each of our products is made with love and is the result of months of work, thought process and dedication. Therefore we want you to treat the items like your friend,
like someone you want to spend time with and like someone who brings joy and comfort into your home.

We truly hope you join our HAND IN HAND mission and path of collaboration, craftsmanship and support for artisans and enjoy bringing some fun into your home. 

With love,



Cloudy Zakrocki founded Hand In Hand with the mission to create the perfect mix of truly handmade products, traditional craftsmanship and modern design. 

Always a true creative at heart, Zakrocki left her high-profile job in the international media industry at the end of 2020 during the global Covid19 pandemic in order to dedicate herself to all the creative projects she always wanted to tackle but she never had time to – and HAND IN HAND made the start. 

With over a decade long experience in the fashion and lifestyle world, Zakrocki knows the métier of creativity and craftsmanship inside out as well as the challenges those industries are facing. HAND IN HAND was founded by Zakrocki’s innate mission to change the interior industry to a more sustainable and ethical process as well as with her deep passion for design and colors. Spotting trends and having her finger on the pulse of the time and current Zeitgeist was always at the core of Zakrocki’s career and business endeavours – and is now being carried forward in each design for HAND IN HAND. 

Besides founding HAND IN HAND, she nowadays works as a consultant for brand building and content strategy. 

Up until the end of 2020, Zakrocki was the Vice President for International Content and Brand Strategy at Refinery29,
the world's leading media company for women.
She built the business from scratch in Germany in 2016
and was responsible for the launch of the French site in 2019.
In her role she was working across lines of business and cross-country on international level, marrying business and creative as well as strategic and innovative thinking. Zakrocki is known to perfectly combine her decade long experience and knowledge of the métier with her innate sense for what makes younger generations tick. Zakrocki has been working in the digital landscape for over ten years now and was part of the relaunch and rebuilding of several well-known online platforms,
for example as the Executive Editor Online for the German Interview Magazine, as a consultant for two of the biggest German publishing houses and a key e-commerce platform. 

In Germany, she is known as an expert for all things digital, media and young generation related and has made a name for herself not only in the digital and media industry but also in the lifestyle and fashion sphere. Nowadays she is also welcomed regularly to speak on panels or at conferences, either as a keynote speaker or as a host and moderator.
Zakrocki is a well-known advocate for female empowerment, equality, diversity and inclusion as well as personal branding. 

Cloudy Zakrocki lives and works in Berlin.